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Mango juice is as delicious as the fruit itself. Nothing can match the taste of the cold mango juice in hot summer. Especially when you know what you are drinking will nurture your body, right? Yes, mango juice since natural is expected to do all good to human health. But, there are people who should not drink the fruit juice. Also, there are conditions in which the health quotient of mango juice is defeated by the hazards it causes. It is hence crucial for you to see whether you also are on the list of those who should not drink mango juice or not. Health problems with mango juice aren’t that common, but they are even rare. It is very common that people knowingly or unknowingly suffer from minor allergies on drinking mango juice. Many times, the problem is more than just a mild skin irritation. Since we think of mango juice as a health drink, relating it to the problem is rare. Yes, this makes sense. Problems caused by mango juice are common provided you know all the all problems with mango juice.

So, today we will see all the health problems with mango juice. Some of them are inevitable while others can be avoided by choosing the right fruit, drinking at the right time and restricting yourself to natural mango juice. Yes, if you consider preserved mango juice and fresh mango juice same, you are making a huge mistake. Let us first see who should not drink mango juice because of the health problems with mango juice and then we will see this aspect too. Have a look at the list and see if you also are by default included.1296x728_HEADER_should_you_eat_mangoes

  • Mango is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, iron and other essential minerals. By adding the fruit to your diet you add immense value to anyone’s diet. It is a gift of god for parents because kids love its taste. However, if you kid is obese and is gaining weight quickly, try to avoid excess of mango juice. An average mango contains around 135 calories and these calories can accelerate weight gain. No matter how hard you try, eating too many mangoes can prevent you from being in caloric deficit. So, you are definitely on the list if you are struggling to lose weight. Just in case you can’t control your cravings, try to have it an hour before going for workout. This will improve your energy levels and immediate work out that follows will burn the added calories right there.
  • Diabetics are on this list because of the health problems with mango juice. Mangoes have a huge quantity of fruit sugar (fructose), and this is no surprise. After all, we all love it because of its tremendously sweet taste, right? This fructose is responsible for its sweetness and is not harmful to a healthy human being. But, excessive consumption of mango juice will lead to increased sugar levels and unwanted insulin spikes in the body. to avoid this, you have to either avoid or take minimum quantity of mango juice if you are diabetic. It indeed is a tough world for diabetics, right?
  • Apart from the above stated health problems with mango juice drinking, digestion problems are also on the list. If you regularly suffer from any digestive disorder, better avoid mango juice. Excessive consumption of mangoes, especially unripe mangoes, can be a cause of gastrointestinal problems like indigestion. Those with a weak digestive system often suffer from diarrhea right after drinking mango juice. So, if you also have problem of indigestion, better avoid drinking the
  • Some people are unfortunate to taste the sweet fruit and also its juice. You also may suffer from a condition called ‘mango mouth’. Mango mouth is a problem that arises due to eating the fruit and the person develops itchiness, swelling, and blisters around the mouth, lips and tip of the tongue. But, unlike the other health problems with mango juice, this one is relatable and people are well aware of this.
  • People suffering from diseases like arthritis, sinusitis, etc., also are on the list of people who should avoid drinking mango juice. If you also have one of these problems, you must keep the consumption of mangoes to a minimum, especially when your symptoms are on peak as the consumption of mangoes raw, ripe or juiced can increase the pain and discomfort.
  • If you are allergic to mangoes, it is likely that you are also allergic to mango juice. There are some allergies that are associated with eating mangoes which often appear in individuals sensitive to the fruit. The symptoms may vary from watery eyes, runny nose, breathing problems, abdominal pain, sneezing and even shock in extreme cases. In special cases, the symptoms of allergy can be unique. So, those allergic to mangoes should try to avoid mango juice too.

mango.Mango, quite famous in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Southeast Asia, is known for its delectable taste and flavor. But, mango juice is loved in every country and all around the world. As we can get every other fruit juice packed, the same is true for mango juice also. Yes, preserved mango juice is something very common and people love drinking it. According to Times of India, a leading daily, buying those tetra packs of juices isn’t healthy at all. The heat treatment involved in packaging the mango juice makes it loose all the vitamins. This means you are actually drinking a juice with no or least nutrients. Also, the mangoes used in manufacturing of packed mango juice might be of low quality.

Over and above this, artificial sweeteners and flavors added to the juice make it hard to digest. This also makes it unsuitable for diabetics. Yes, diabetics are already on the list of people who shouldn’t drink mango juice a lot, but preserved juice should be completely banned if you are diabetic. As we have told you earlier as well, mango juice is high in calories. Compared to fresh fruits juice made at home, preserved and packaged juice is even higher in calorie content. And this also is problematic to those who are trying to lose weight. Remember the companies selling fruit juice with pulp? Yes, it sounds good and also tastes better, but, with pulp come high fiber. No doubt fiber is good for your health, but have you ever read the contents of such juices? They contain no or least fiber, and if they do not contain fiber, what is the pulp made up of? All these questions raise speculations about the health quotient of packaged juices.

Orange Juice_FL_fSo, this is why you should not drink packaged mango juice. Also, if researchers are to be believed, many juices are not as healthy as fresh fruits. So, eating mangoes can be a healthier version of getting the taste rather than going for the juice. Even the best quality juices available in the market are far from what they claim. Do you also think you were making a mistake while drinking mango juice? Yes, if you belong to the list mentioned above, you have to be careful from now onwards. However, if you are perfectly healthy and want to maintain that health for a long time, it is better to go for eating mangoes rather than drinking juice. Trust me on this, even freshly prepared mango juice at home lacks some nutrients that are present in the fruit. So, apart from the health problems with mango juice, this also is one reason to switch to eating limited amount of mangoes. Also, now you know exactly what the packaged mango juice contain. So, there is no need to ask you to completely stay away from preserved mango juice. Not only mango juice, but there are several other juices that comes in tetra packs. It is better not to drink any juice than choosing those artificial flavors.

In short, for a healthy life, eat more and more of fresh fruits and if really required, take out mango juice at home and drink it without storing. This will help your body obtain all the nutrients present in the fruit and at the same time, you will be able to avoid all the health problems with mango juice. Isn’t it easy? Yes, you have to compromise a bit with the taste, but that is better than suffering from the health problems with mango juice, right?


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