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Mango and Diabetic Patient

mango for diabetic person

mango..Mango for diabetic patients has long been a subject of scrutiny over the years and there are so much of contradictions among the scientist community over whether the mango is good for diabetic patients or not. There have been lots of perusal on the topic of whether mango beneficial for the patients of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or not and the results of those perusals have been contradicting to each other. Some report says that mango is beneficial for hyperglycemia and other says it is harmful which is giving birth to a controversy among scientists community.

Today everyone sought to have a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle where they would not have to go to any doctor and a quality lifestyle that would pave the way for a healthier society but do you think all this possible without active lifestyle? Probably not, it’s just because almost 70-80 percent people don’t even think about having an active lifestyle which is an important step towards achieving the lifestyle you dream for. The lack of physical activity gives birth to many medical conditions and one of that condition is diabetes which is strongly associated with the lack of physical activity.

diabetesDiabetes is basically a prolonged disease that affects your optimal health it occurs because you infringe of one of the imperative prerequisites to achieving your optimal health. Diabetes is a group of diseases that result in excessive sugar in the bloodstream for a prolonged period of time. You may have listened to the word insulin which is a type of hormone that regulates glucose or blood sugar in the body. Insulin is being produced by a gland called pancreas. When the production of insulin becomes narrow or your body cells do not respond to the insulin properly or both then there are higher chances that you are going to be affected by any of the below enumerated diabetic conditions.

Diabetes-Types-There are basically two kinds of diabetes and they are named as Type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is believed to be rare as 10 percent of all diabetic patients have this kind of diabetes and rest of the diabetes patients are affected with type-2 diabetes. When the pancreas gland does not produce insulin in the body then it is a case of type-1 diabetes. Another perturbing condition of diabetes is when the pancreas gland produces very less or minuscule amount of insulin in the body that your body found inadequate to function properly and this manifest type-2 diabetes in your body. Another type of diabetes that occurs only in a female who is pregnant which is called gestational diabetes and usually goes away as the time passes after the pregnancy period.

mango and diabetesAs we know that when blood glucose level rises in the blood then diabetes takes place in the body, therefore coming to a conclusion whether the mango is good for diabetic patients or not can be the subject of contention because we all know that it comprises excessive sugar and calorie constituent in it. The health benefits of mango have always been the subject of scrutiny because it outweighs the nutritional values of the fruit because of the high calorie and sugar. Today if we think of food for diabetic patients then there would not be any food high in sugar but still, some doctor suggests mango in diabetes because they think that mango doesn’t only contains excessive sugar, rather it also contains powerful nutrients that can be helpful in restraining diabetes.

mango.According to the book Healing Foods by DK Publishing “mangoes contain enzymes that aid breakdown and digestion of protein, and also fiber, which keeps the digestive functions working efficiently. Dietary fiber has some long-term benefits as well that include lowering the risk of developing colon cancer and heart disease”. There are some of the most trusted organizations across the world have backed mango consumption in diabetes. According to Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) eating mangoes on daily basis may help in controlling and even lowering blood sugar level in your bloodstreams, another perusal conducted in Oklahoma University suggests that “mango in its list of fruits that can be eaten by diabetics, fruits can be eaten in exchange of other sources of carbohydrates in your meal plan such as starches, grains or dairy products”.

According to an Expert Dietitian, Lokendra Tomar from the Weight Loss Clinic in New Delhi believes that Diabetics should avoid mangoes. For managing diabetes, the diet should strictly focus on low carbohydrates because every 5 grams of carbohydrate increases 100 units of blood sugar in the body.” Therefore mango for a diabetic is basically a subject of contention and should be scrutinized thoroughly in order to come to a conclusion that should be agreeable to everyone.

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