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Is eating mangoes good for ulcers?

mouth ulcer

mango imageMango is everyone’s favorite fruit which is also known as the king of the fruit because of its demand and taste too. Mango has its own flavor and taste. It contains nutrients and phytochemicals. Mango has the ability to give you numerous health benefits. Apart from mango, its leaves, root, flowers and mango barks can be used to treat in many problems. Mango has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties. Study shows that eating mangoes can protect you from colon cancer and cervical cancer. If you want to lose weight, you can happily eat mangoes and it also has the ability to make normal insulin in your blood.  You can get risk of acidity by taking milk and mango both together. Mango is very effective fruit that can help you managing your face related problems. Mango pulp mask can increase your skin glow and remove blemishes. Here are some benefits of eating mango

  • mouth ulcersPrevents cancer
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Clears your skin
  • Improves eye health
  • Helps in diabetes
  • Manages your digestion
  • Boosts your immune systems

Mango is one of the effective ingredients to heal stomach ulcer. A stomach ulcer is usually caused by bacteria named helicobacter pylori. It takes 6-8 week to heal the symptoms of ulcer after that it’s take one more week to remove infection with the help of antibiotic -plus and anti-suppressing medicines. This usually works to prevent ulcers from coming back. Basically ulcers occur when your digestive system destroys small intestine or inner surface of your stomach. This acid can give you pain and open the sore that may bleed. Your digestive system is coated with the layer of mucous to protect your system from acid attacks but, if the amount of acid is increased then it can cause of ulcers.  If you want fast recovery, you should maintain your diet first. The more you eat healthy diet the more your affected organs can recover fast. Milk, cream, mango, banana, musk melon, fresh vegetables and fruits can help you to recover fast. Mango pulp can reduce acid reflux and help in neutralize acid in your body. It soothes itching apart from that, a mango has antioxidant property that can act as an anti-inflammatory agent for your stomach inflamed lining. Thickness of mango pulp can cover your stomach from acidity and from ulcers. Some other tips for you what to do in ulcers and what not to do.

What to do-

  • Chew your food properlylow fat
  • Always eat your food slowly
  • Sit correctly or stand up for few time when you are eating
  • Eat only low fat foods
  • Do not eat just before you going to bed
  • Always drink water with correct quantity sometimes water can ease your stomach ache.
  • Eat light snacks, always eat bit but regularly to stop the feeling of hungriness.

What not to do-

  • coffee and teaDo not drink coffee or tea because these contain caffeine that can raise you acid effect.
  • Stop drinking alcohol it can increase your acid effect.
  • Stop smoking because it has nicotine and nicotine can directly effect on your ulcer problem.
  • Taking any medicine related to aspirin is strictly restricted. Always consult your doctor before taking any medicine.
  • Avoid eating those dishes which can increase your ulcer pain.  


In this article we give you a short description for ulcer treatment, if you are interested to know some more & useful treatment for ulcer then you can check this home remedy for ulcers.

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