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Health benefits of Mango juice for babies


mangoesMango is seasonal and a delicious fruit among all age of people whether it was young, old, kids everyone loves mango. Mango not only contains rich taste it also contains so much nutrients. It also has many health benefits like eye sight improvement and it fights with microbial infections. It makes your digestive system better and improves your brain function. You can eat mangoes ripe as well as unripe form. Ripe mango gives us many health benefits but unripe mango can give you relief from sun stroke. Mango is one of the best foods that you can give to your babies. This is low in cholesterol and in fat. So today I am going to tell you some health benefits of eating mangoes for your babies.

  • mango benefitsEyesight- New born baby’s eyesight takes longer time to improve as comparison to adult. The sight efficiency develops during their growth. If you give vitamin A to your babies in between there growth period they can improve fast and can get proper eyesight.
  • Improve digestion-Papaya is not only that kind of fruits which manage digestive system but it can also help to improve digestion system especially in babies. Mango has biochemical compound and enzymes like Easters and terrenes which work to improve digestive systems.
  • Fights with microbial infections – Mango covers your body from microbial infections. Once you affect with this infection, you may get common cold, rhinitis and sinusitis related diseases.
  • Immunity – Children and babies have week immunity as comparison to adults. During this period you need to give your baby mango which is extensively works to improve immune system.
  • Brain development – Brain development is as important as body’s development. Brain power can grow fast by eating mangoes. Mango has vitamin B-6 that is very effective to improve brain function.
  • Protection sun stroke – Unripe mango is one of the best ingredients that can help you in sun stroke and protects you from hot wind. Unripe mango juice can give you relief from dehydration.

When baby can eat mangoes?

baby eating mangoStudy shows that babies can eat mangoes if they are age between 6 to 8 months and that period of time your baby might have already started eating solid foods. You can give your baby mashed up mango pulp but make sure it doesn’t contain fiber. Some mango has fiber in it that makes swallowing difficult. Do not feed unripe mange to your baby unripe mango is not good for babies. Unripe mango has sour taste so it might be possible that baby don’t like its taste.  And you all know that babies have low immune system and poor digestive system so it’s possible that baby can’t digest unripe mango.  Mango is everyone’s favorite fruit but some people have allergy to mangoes.  The allergic reaction is extremely rare and if it occurs it generally doesn’t cause any major harm. If your baby has allergy to mango, you can see red rashes around the mouth and bottom. Allergy effect reside the skin of mango rather than in the pulp. If your family is allergic to mango, you should check once before you are going feed mangoes to your baby. If your baby’s digestive system is not good, feeding mango to your baby can cause diarrhea. I hope I cleared some doubts of your related mangoes. Try mango for your babies overall improvements and you can feed them by giving mango-shake, mango banana pulp and mashed mango etc.

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