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Does Mango Cause Acid Reflux?

mango juice for Acid Reflux

acid refluxAt some point of your life you might experience the problem of acid reflux. It is very common problem among people. If you leave your pain untreated it can become chronic that can give you more serious problems related to your stomach. To treat acid reflux some people trust only medications treatment but, that’s not the last option you have to ease your pain. Your stomach has valve is called esophageal sphincter. If this (esophageal sphincter) is not close to your stomach or it opens more often, your stomach can produce acid reflux. Different lifestyle, poor diet, rapidly weight gain and certain medical condition can cause acid reflux. We all are living in modern life and we usually eat junk foods which can easily make acid and you can guess its symptoms such as heart burn, chest pain, bitter taste in mouth, dry cough and tightness in the throat. If you manage your or PH balance, your body can heal by themselves. Fruits can reduce the problem of acid reflux but, only if you eat them in a proper way or in timing. You can eat fruits 2 hour later of your meal time. If you eat fruits and food combined, it can raise acid in your stomach. Mango is everyone’s favorite fruit that also called as a king of the fruit. Mango has many beneficial effects in different types of problems. Apart from mango its leaves, roots and flower helpful in treating many problems. Ripe and unripe mango juiceboth mangoes have their own taste and health benefits. Mango can ease your problems if you have high cholesterol, blood sugar, skin issues and eye sight problem. Eating mango can make your digestion better and also helpful in baby’s health and brain development. You can also use unripe mango if you have dehydration problem. I know it has sour taste but it is very effective ingredient in this type of problem. Mangoes have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Well, now the question is do mangoes cause acid reflux? You all know that there are different varieties of mangoes so it’s quite obvious that it also have different type of PH balance and acid can build because of abnormal PH balance. There is no doubt that mango is very helpful fruit but when it comes to acid reflux then I would say it is totally depends of the digestive system. We all have different body structure and different digestive system that’s why you have to be very careful before adding any fruits in your diet. Study shows that mango has inflammatory property and it soothes your affected part during the acid reflux problems. If you feel, you have allergy or acid problem by eating mango, avoid this fruit properly and try some another food after consulting your doctors or nutritionist. No doubt mango is a very effective fruit but it will work properly if you don’t have any allergy related to this. So try mango to get some relief from acid reflux but in your doctor’s observation.

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