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Mango juice is as delicious as the fruit itself. Nothing can match the taste of the cold mango juice in hot summer. Especially when you know what you are drinking will nurture your body, right? Yes, mango juice since natural is expected to do all good to human health. But, there are people who should not drink the fruit juice. Also, there are conditions in which the health quotient of mango juice is defeated by the hazards it causes. It is hence crucial for you to see whether you also are on the list of those who should not drink mango juice or not. Health problems with mango juice aren’t that common, but they are even rare. It is very common that people knowingly or unknowingly suffer from minor allergies on drinking mango juice. Many times, the problem is more than just a mild skin irritation. Since we think of mango juice as a health drink, relating it to the problem is rare. Yes, this makes sense. Problems caused by mango juice are common provided you know all the all problems with mango juice.

So, today we will see all the health problems with mango juice. Some of them are inevitable while others can be avoided by choosing the right fruit, drinking at the right time and restricting yourself to natural mango juice. Yes, if you consider preserved mango juice and fresh mango juice same, you are making a huge mistake. Let us first see who should not drink mango juice because of the health problems with mango juice and then we will see this aspect too. Have a look at the list and see if you also are by default included.1296x728_HEADER_should_you_eat_mangoes

  • Mango is rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, iron and other essential minerals. By adding the fruit to your diet you add immense value to anyone’s diet. It is a gift of god for parents because kids love its taste. However, if you kid is obese and is gaining weight quickly, try to avoid excess of mango juice. An average mango contains around 135 calories and these calories can accelerate weight gain. No matter how hard you try, eating too many mangoes can prevent you from being in caloric deficit. So, you are definitely on the list if you are struggling to lose weight. Just in case you can’t control your cravings, try to have it an hour before going for workout. This will improve your energy levels and immediate work out that follows will burn the added calories right there.
  • Diabetics are on this list because of the health problems with mango juice. Mangoes have a huge quantity of fruit sugar (fructose), and this is no surprise. After all, we all love it because of its tremendously sweet taste, right? This fructose is responsible for its sweetness and is not harmful to a healthy human being. But, excessive consumption of mango juice will lead to increased sugar levels and unwanted insulin spikes in the body. to avoid this, you have to either avoid or take minimum quantity of mango juice if you are diabetic. It indeed is a tough world for diabetics, right?
  • Apart from the above stated health problems with mango juice drinking, digestion problems are also on the list. If you regularly suffer from any digestive disorder, better avoid mango juice. Excessive consumption of mangoes, especially unripe mangoes, can be a cause of gastrointestinal problems like indigestion. Those with a weak digestive system often suffer from diarrhea right after drinking mango juice. So, if you also have problem of indigestion, better avoid drinking the
  • Some people are unfortunate to taste the sweet fruit and also its juice. You also may suffer from a condition called ‘mango mouth’. Mango mouth is a problem that arises due to eating the fruit and the person develops itchiness, swelling, and blisters around the mouth, lips and tip of the tongue. But, unlike the other health problems with mango juice, this one is relatable and people are well aware of this.
  • People suffering from diseases like arthritis, sinusitis, etc., also are on the list of people who should avoid drinking mango juice. If you also have one of these problems, you must keep the consumption of mangoes to a minimum, especially when your symptoms are on peak as the consumption of mangoes raw, ripe or juiced can increase the pain and discomfort.
  • If you are allergic to mangoes, it is likely that you are also allergic to mango juice. There are some allergies that are associated with eating mangoes which often appear in individuals sensitive to the fruit. The symptoms may vary from watery eyes, runny nose, breathing problems, abdominal pain, sneezing and even shock in extreme cases. In special cases, the symptoms of allergy can be unique. So, those allergic to mangoes should try to avoid mango juice too.

mango.Mango, quite famous in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Southeast Asia, is known for its delectable taste and flavor. But, mango juice is loved in every country and all around the world. As we can get every other fruit juice packed, the same is true for mango juice also. Yes, preserved mango juice is something very common and people love drinking it. According to Times of India, a leading daily, buying those tetra packs of juices isn’t healthy at all. The heat treatment involved in packaging the mango juice makes it loose all the vitamins. This means you are actually drinking a juice with no or least nutrients. Also, the mangoes used in manufacturing of packed mango juice might be of low quality.

Over and above this, artificial sweeteners and flavors added to the juice make it hard to digest. This also makes it unsuitable for diabetics. Yes, diabetics are already on the list of people who shouldn’t drink mango juice a lot, but preserved juice should be completely banned if you are diabetic. As we have told you earlier as well, mango juice is high in calories. Compared to fresh fruits juice made at home, preserved and packaged juice is even higher in calorie content. And this also is problematic to those who are trying to lose weight. Remember the companies selling fruit juice with pulp? Yes, it sounds good and also tastes better, but, with pulp come high fiber. No doubt fiber is good for your health, but have you ever read the contents of such juices? They contain no or least fiber, and if they do not contain fiber, what is the pulp made up of? All these questions raise speculations about the health quotient of packaged juices.

Orange Juice_FL_fSo, this is why you should not drink packaged mango juice. Also, if researchers are to be believed, many juices are not as healthy as fresh fruits. So, eating mangoes can be a healthier version of getting the taste rather than going for the juice. Even the best quality juices available in the market are far from what they claim. Do you also think you were making a mistake while drinking mango juice? Yes, if you belong to the list mentioned above, you have to be careful from now onwards. However, if you are perfectly healthy and want to maintain that health for a long time, it is better to go for eating mangoes rather than drinking juice. Trust me on this, even freshly prepared mango juice at home lacks some nutrients that are present in the fruit. So, apart from the health problems with mango juice, this also is one reason to switch to eating limited amount of mangoes. Also, now you know exactly what the packaged mango juice contain. So, there is no need to ask you to completely stay away from preserved mango juice. Not only mango juice, but there are several other juices that comes in tetra packs. It is better not to drink any juice than choosing those artificial flavors.

In short, for a healthy life, eat more and more of fresh fruits and if really required, take out mango juice at home and drink it without storing. This will help your body obtain all the nutrients present in the fruit and at the same time, you will be able to avoid all the health problems with mango juice. Isn’t it easy? Yes, you have to compromise a bit with the taste, but that is better than suffering from the health problems with mango juice, right?


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Mango and Diabetic Patient

mango for diabetic person

mango..Mango for diabetic patients has long been a subject of scrutiny over the years and there are so much of contradictions among the scientist community over whether the mango is good for diabetic patients or not. There have been lots of perusal on the topic of whether mango beneficial for the patients of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or not and the results of those perusals have been contradicting to each other. Some report says that mango is beneficial for hyperglycemia and other says it is harmful which is giving birth to a controversy among scientists community.

Today everyone sought to have a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle where they would not have to go to any doctor and a quality lifestyle that would pave the way for a healthier society but do you think all this possible without active lifestyle? Probably not, it’s just because almost 70-80 percent people don’t even think about having an active lifestyle which is an important step towards achieving the lifestyle you dream for. The lack of physical activity gives birth to many medical conditions and one of that condition is diabetes which is strongly associated with the lack of physical activity.

diabetesDiabetes is basically a prolonged disease that affects your optimal health it occurs because you infringe of one of the imperative prerequisites to achieving your optimal health. Diabetes is a group of diseases that result in excessive sugar in the bloodstream for a prolonged period of time. You may have listened to the word insulin which is a type of hormone that regulates glucose or blood sugar in the body. Insulin is being produced by a gland called pancreas. When the production of insulin becomes narrow or your body cells do not respond to the insulin properly or both then there are higher chances that you are going to be affected by any of the below enumerated diabetic conditions.

Diabetes-Types-There are basically two kinds of diabetes and they are named as Type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is believed to be rare as 10 percent of all diabetic patients have this kind of diabetes and rest of the diabetes patients are affected with type-2 diabetes. When the pancreas gland does not produce insulin in the body then it is a case of type-1 diabetes. Another perturbing condition of diabetes is when the pancreas gland produces very less or minuscule amount of insulin in the body that your body found inadequate to function properly and this manifest type-2 diabetes in your body. Another type of diabetes that occurs only in a female who is pregnant which is called gestational diabetes and usually goes away as the time passes after the pregnancy period.

mango and diabetesAs we know that when blood glucose level rises in the blood then diabetes takes place in the body, therefore coming to a conclusion whether the mango is good for diabetic patients or not can be the subject of contention because we all know that it comprises excessive sugar and calorie constituent in it. The health benefits of mango have always been the subject of scrutiny because it outweighs the nutritional values of the fruit because of the high calorie and sugar. Today if we think of food for diabetic patients then there would not be any food high in sugar but still, some doctor suggests mango in diabetes because they think that mango doesn’t only contains excessive sugar, rather it also contains powerful nutrients that can be helpful in restraining diabetes.

mango.According to the book Healing Foods by DK Publishing “mangoes contain enzymes that aid breakdown and digestion of protein, and also fiber, which keeps the digestive functions working efficiently. Dietary fiber has some long-term benefits as well that include lowering the risk of developing colon cancer and heart disease”. There are some of the most trusted organizations across the world have backed mango consumption in diabetes. According to Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) eating mangoes on daily basis may help in controlling and even lowering blood sugar level in your bloodstreams, another perusal conducted in Oklahoma University suggests that “mango in its list of fruits that can be eaten by diabetics, fruits can be eaten in exchange of other sources of carbohydrates in your meal plan such as starches, grains or dairy products”.

According to an Expert Dietitian, Lokendra Tomar from the Weight Loss Clinic in New Delhi believes that Diabetics should avoid mangoes. For managing diabetes, the diet should strictly focus on low carbohydrates because every 5 grams of carbohydrate increases 100 units of blood sugar in the body.” Therefore mango for a diabetic is basically a subject of contention and should be scrutinized thoroughly in order to come to a conclusion that should be agreeable to everyone.

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Mango and Its Use in Blood Pressure

mango for blood pressure2

There are myriad of prolonged diseases that are mighty enough to make you weaker, striving for your good health will not really pave the way for definite good health. Those diseases do not bias or discriminate among people, whether you are influenced or poor, of any race, any caste and any religion. They only know to descent your health. If you are one of those people who are in the claws of those sadistic and sinister diseases then you might have been aware of the fact that how they can perturb you throughout your life. There are diseases that are ever ready to give rise to many other diseases that may be arbitrary and free to infect other organs of your body.

hypertensionHypertension is also known as high blood pressure is a chronic condition that may affect you at any age and may manifest other underlying medical conditions which probably would not be a mirthful sign for your body. It is a condition where the force of the blood against your artery walls is too high to bear for the walls of the artery. If you are having this medical condition then you may have to face several reluctant medical conditions and peculiarly those conditions that are mighty enough to force you to send to the hospitals. This disease has the power to affect the quality of your life as it may give birth to other severe medical conditions which may further deteriorate your condition to an extent level.

healthy-blood-pressureYou may be surprised to know that only in the US around 85 million people are in the claws of this prolonged disease that are significantly changed the way they used to live their life. The most affected organ of your body is heart because its main function is to filter out the impure blood so that it can transport pure and clean bold throughout the body but after the hypertension condition in your body, your heart is forced to work assiduously and swiftly so that it can maintain other body functions in progress. The reason behind that is the narrowed artery walls. Your artery walls somehow became narrow resisting the way of the blood which significantly slows down the transportation of the blood in your body and resistance to blood flow in your arteries constantly starts increasing.

Onset of this disease may not bring any kind of symptoms with it and may be undetected for years but as the time passes and the resistance to the blood increases in your artery walls, it will not only cause several health complications in your body but the symptoms like headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness and to name a few will be manifested in your body if hypertension has reached to the dangerous level. There could be myriad of factors which may trigger hypertension in your body and some of those are age, ethnicity, sex, size or weight and underlying health condition should be to blame for.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough it is a prolonged disease and can’t be cured we can limit this medical condition by taking care of things that are in our control. How your lifestyle is directly related to your health, therefore you should consider changing your lifestyle and not to smoke. One of the major factors that may significantly increase your blood pressure is salt. Excessive intake of salt could prove to be fatal and may deteriorate your blood pressure condition, not eat fatty foods instead they can prefer eating fruits and vegetables, weight management and regular physical activity will pave the way for a better health. Today we are going to talk about a fruit which is called the king of fruits; you may have understood what I am talking about. Mango, the king of fruits and it has been exported for years to various parts of the world as it is in demand across the world.

mango for blood pressureMango in blood pressure is something that significantly alleviates your blood pressure as it contains blood pressure controlling constituents. It can be called a super food and it should be extolled that it can be used in various diseases. The powerful constituents present in mango paves the way for a better health. Mango contains many antioxidants which will help in filtering harmful particles in your body. It is also a low-calorie fruit and as you know the more calories the more prone to obesity, hence eating mango will help you alleviate your weight. It contains vitamins such as A, C, E, K. Lupeol, polyphenols, triterpene are some of the other nutrients that may help in anti-inflammatory responses. Eating mango will also improve your immune system which powers your body to fight against various diseases. Research has shown that mango’s high magnesium and potassium content to lower blood pressure significantly. Therefore mango in blood pressure should be used to achieve the best health out of your body and in order to alleviate blood pressure mango should be on top of your priority list.

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Role of mango in improving digestion

Mango on a white background

Digestion1If you are drinking and eating all healthy food items and even then your digestive system is not improving, I think you should start eating mangoes. No, I am not kidding this is true that if you eat mangoes, you can get the healthy digestive system. If you are thinking how this is possible, read below.

You all know that mango is king of the fruits and this is everyone’s favorite. Yes, I know people love this fruit because of their taste but there are some people who eat this because of its qualities. Mangoes have so many qualities which can not only helpful in treating digestive system but also many other diseases.

Indigestion Problems

Overeating-Causes-IndigestionWhat are other diseases we will talk about that later but before that let we discuss about your digestive system? Okay, I know you must be thinking that there is not much to talk about the digestive system but that’s not true. There are a lot more that you should know.

A digestive system is a group of the organ which works together to change the food (that you eat) into energy and nutrients your body needs. The basic work of digestive system is to break down the food and liquids into the basic parts like carbohydrates, protein, fat and vitamins.

To get proper digestion of foods you internal organ work hard and it is the work which is done by your mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, liver and gallbladder. These are the parts which help you to digest what you eat.

Young beautiful woman is having stomach ache.Sometimes, one or more of the parts of the digestive system don’t work properly. This can cause anything from minor discomfort to serious health issues. Although, there are many health complications which you can get due to poor digestion I am providing you some of them; acid reflux, gallstones, irritable bowel syndrome, and hemorrhoids.

If you want better health, you have to make your digestion good and for that, you can choose natural ingredients rather than medicines. I know nowadays people only prefer medicines because they think that medicines are the best and the easiest way to cure any kind of disease. But that’s not true, natural remedies are the best and the safest way to get fast and effective results.

Mango For Improving Digestion

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough there are countless remedies there is a fruit which works like a magic when it comes to improving digestion. Yes, mango in digestion is the best remedy. So, as I mentioned above this is the best fruit which has not only sweet taste but also has many health benefits.

Every bite of mango contains vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, fiber and potassium. Apart from mango, there are some other names of this tasty fruit; mangot, manga and mangaou. The name of mango is depended of the region or nation. Mango belongs to southern Asia, Burma and eastern India.

This is the fruit which has been used to treat many health issues for thousands of years. Mangoes act as a nutraceutical to be used as a treatment and this is the fruit which can complete the dietary recommendation of one day. Mangoes have nutrients so it is can improve the digestion system.

Mango in digestion is the best remedy that you can use and most important thing is this is very affordable. It’s in the studies that mangoes have more fiber than other fruits. According to studies 100 grams of mango contains 3 grams of fiber. The high fiber content can reduce the chances to get gastrointestinal disorders. There are so many studies are available which show if you consume mangoes, you can not only live a healthy life but also prevent gastrointestinal diseases.

Mango-treeMango contains 25 grams of fiber per fruit and this is almost 20 percent of your daily fiber intake. Mango in digestive is the best treatment option for many other health conditions and the conditions are cancer, heart diseases, unintentional weight gain, anemia and acne.

Keeping you digestion healthy is the perfect way to stay healthy and away from many other diseases. Mango in digestion is the treatment option which can give all the benefits at the same time. This is the fruit which can give nutrients, fiber and potassium at the same time. Try to consume mango in digestion and see the difference in results.


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Is Mango Really A Cure For Cancer?

mango for cancer

Have you ever heard that by eating any fruit you can cure and prevent cancer like disease very easily? No right? But it is possible and that you can do if you eat mangoes, isn’t amazing? Now you can cure this type of dangerous disease by eating delicious mangoes. Mangoes are everyone’s favourite and this is also called king of fruits. There are so many reasons to like this fruit and I am sure that you are also one of those who this fruit also.
Frankly speaking I have a lot more to discuss the benefits of mangoes and is mangoes really a cure for cancer, but before that I want to share some facts about cancer which I am sure that you don’t know.
cancerYes, I agree that if you are reading this page means you have knowledge about cancer but having proper and correct knowledge about cancer is the perfect way to prevent this disease. So, read some facts about cancer and understand about this disease more clearly.
As you all know that cancer is a disease which can make anyone into panic mode and this is the disease which no one wants to have but, unfortunately there are some people who are suffering from this disease. This is not just a disease this is a class of diseases and this can occur when your cells grow abnormally and uncontrollably.
It’s in the studies that there are more than 200 types of cancer and there are many people who have cancer in the states of America. This is the disease which require correct treatment and that’s why people are taking treatment and medicine after consulting their doctors.
Now the question is- they are getting relief from those medicines or not? According to studies some people are happy with the treatment and some are not. The reason behind the people who are not happy with the treatment is only medicine they are taking. Confused?
I am trying to say that medicines are not a correct treatment because this can cause side effects. It is a fact that one small side effect can make your condition more complicated. So, if you want to cure these types of condition, you can go with tasty mangoes. What? I am absolutely right; by consuming mangoes you can not only cure but also prevent cancer.

Is Mango Good for Cancer?

mango for cancerMango as a cancer cure is the perfect remedy this is the remedy which can give you astonishing results in just few days. Eating mangoes are not helpful in treating cancer but also many other health conditions what are those conditions, well will talk later. First, we are going to discuss about mangoes as cancer cure.
There are so many foods which contain disease fighting compounds and mango is one of them. Mango has antioxidants properties, vitamin C (this is known for having anti-cancer properties), beta carotene and numerous polyphenolic compounds.
Apart from this mango have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties which make mango as cancer cure the perfect ingredient. Apart from mango its leaves are also very helpful in treating cancer. Mango leaves contain mangoferin; this is a compound which produce anti-cancer properties.
It’s in the studies the people who add mangoes in their diet are healthier and have less health issues than the people who don’t eat. Person who eat mango has increased amount on vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and dietary fibres than a person who do not.
vitamin cMangoes also have anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties which can help you to fight against breast cancer. Mango as cancer cure is perfect treatment option and this is the perfect way by which you can get both better taste or cure cancer.
Apart from mango as cancer cure it can cure other health complications also. If you are thinking that you are not cancer patient, still you can eat mangoes or not or is this good for your health? Don’t you think this is irrelevant question to ask? Mangoes are the healthiest fruits than all. This is the fruit which likes by almost every person. There are very few people who don’t like mangoes.
There are so many people including me who have heard some stories from your grandmothers or mothers about the benefits of mangoes. If you want another reason to consume mangoes, i can say that this is the perfect source of energy and this is the fruit which not only give better taste but also many health benefits.

Mango as cancer cure is the perfect treatment and now this is proved. There are so many testimonials are present which show that eating mango to cure cancer is the ultimate way. cancerThis the way by which you will not get any kind of side effects.
But, if you are allergic to mangoes, do not eat this. Consult with your doctor and then choose any other fruit. I am not saying that always choose fruits there are so many natural ways to cure your health condition apart from mangoes.
But for that you have to spend some time to search those ways. Natural ways are always helpful and this is the perfect way to get positive results in just few days. After so many researches it is proved that natural treatment has very great effect than medicine. So, try to use natural treatment than any medicine. For cancer I have already told you to use mangoes. Mangoes are just not a fruit this is the key to be healthy and fit. This is the perfect way to get rid of cancer and to prevent cancer. I think not only you every person should change their preferences and move on natural treatment.

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Is mango beneficial for skin?

mango beneficial for skin

Our skin is a reflection of our internal health and everyone wants fair, clean and beautiful skin. Have you ever thought about mango skin benefits? Noright? But this is very effective treatment if you want clean and blemished free skin. Mangoes have been part of the human family since thousands of years. This is the fruit which do not need any definition. Mangoes are called king of the fruits.

Is Mango Beneficial for Skin?mango beneficial for skin

The mango trees grow and produce juicy and nutritionist fruit. People eat mangoes alone or add them to in salads and salsas. Fresh mangoes are not only tasty but they are also full of nutrients and low in calories. Add this fruit in your diet when the season of this fruit comes. By this you can treat lots of your problems but nowadays acne is one of the main problems among all.You can also treat lots of problems like allergic reactions, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads. Because acne’s condition is increasing is day by day so I have decided to talk about the acne first. This article will help you to understand about acne, skin rashes and many more.Before we talk about mangoes skin benefits; let’s check out what is the reason behind acne. Oh no, I am not here to tell you the common definitions of acne and its causes. I am here to share some facts about acne and the mango skin benefits.

What are The Causes of Acne?

As you all know that acne is a skin condition which causes painful pimples on your skin. But do you know that what is the reason behind acne formation? Actually it is said that acne is a very common condition in teenagers and every teenager has to suffer from this but, this is not true. According to studies acne occur due to excessive oil production, dead skin cells, polluted air and bacteria. Aacnecne is a treatable condition but this is can lead to scars which takes quite long time to heal. So try to cure this condition as soon as possible. If anyone who is reading this article thinks that he/she is only person who is suffering from acne, i would love to tell you that you are not alone. Studies show that there are thousands of people who are suffering from the same condition. They spend millions of dollars to cure this condition. There is another condition which can be treated by mangoes is skin rashes.A skin rash is a noticeable change in the texture and color of your skin. Your skin becomes scaly, itchy and sometimes irritated. I think this is enough for you to understand mango skin benefits are various and effective too.

Do you know that it is the national fruit of India, Pakistan or the Philippines and the national tree of Bangladesh? There are few people who are aware about this fact. Mango is available in numerous varieties, but the most favorite one among all, yes, you are right, it is Alphonso. After reading till this line you must be thinking that is mango good for you? Yes, mango is good for you and for your skin too. Let me tell you the mango skin benefits.

Mango, Honey and Raw Milk for Removing Blackheads and Whiteheads-

A mango can give eternal glow to you skin. If you want glowing skin, mango is the best option for you. You just need to mash mango’s pulp and apply all-over your face. Leave this for 30 minutes and then rinse off with normal water.

How to use?

Mango for glowing skinMix one teaspoon of raw milk and two teaspoon of honey. Rub this mixture on that area where you have blackheads and whiteheads.

This is my small effort to make you understand that mango skin benefits are numerous.  Hope this article is helpful for those people who are suffering from skin related problems. Just remember one thing mango skin benefits are various whether you take it internally or externally it will defiantly give you effective results. Mango has too many health benefits. You can also use mango for treating acne or to get rid of blemishes.

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Is sweet and delicious mango causing acne?

mango for acne

Acne is a very common skin condition which is characterized by red bumps on your skin. This is a very common condition which affects both men and women at some points. According to studies 50 percent of the people of United States suffering from this condition and they are more likely to have acne. Acne usually occurs on face but it can be appear on your back and shoulder. Acne is not a life-threatening condition but it can leave scars on your skin if you leave this condition untreated. AcneThere are several factors that can be the reason behind acne formation and some of them are pollution, excessive oil production, dead skin cells and pollution. According to studies acne is not only caused by chocolates, greasy food, sleeping on an unwashed/ dirty pillow and not washing your face for enough times. Actually acne is not your fault sometimes your hormones can be blamed for this. Hormones fluctuation can trigger acne production. Some other causes of acne formation are stress, certain types of medicines, cosmetics and rubbing your skin. Acne can be run in your families like if your mother or father had acne, it is possible for you to get acne. Acne is a treatable condition but sometimes it takes extra time to heal and recover. To recognize acne some symptoms of this condition are blackheads, whiteheads, nobules, pustules, yellow pus filled with pimples. However, there are several types of acne and your doctor can tell you that which type of acne you have after the examination of your skin. The most common type of acne is acne vulgaris.

Does Mangoes Cause Acne or Not

According to some people, eating mangoes can cause acne. actually there are some sites which say that mangoes are very helpful to reduce acne while other saying that it can cause acne. So today I will try to make you clear about this question. We all know that mango is a king of fruits and everyone loves eating mangoes. mango mask for acneMango is very sweet in taste but its basic nature is hot. Beside its taste mangoes are very helpful fruit to treat various types of skin condition. To get more effective results you can apply mango on your face as a mask, read below to know the exact fact about mango can cause acne or not. If you are suffering from acne, pimple or other similar diseases, you have to stop eating mangoes and dry fruits (this is also hot in nature). According to other sites mangoes are the best way to cure acne because mango is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, it can revive and restore the skin. This fruit can reduce cane, blemishes and scars. It can also add shine on your skin. Congested pores are the main cause of acne and mangoes can clear clogged pores and remove pimples. Mango intake and mango face pack can bring glow on your face. Mangoes can treat acne efficiently by unlocking the clogged pores and once the clogged pores are open, acne production ultimately stops. Unclogging the pores of the skin is one of the best ways to cure acne formation.

There are Many Other Benefits of Using or Eating Mangoes

  • Mango makes your skin glowing
  • By this you can remove blackheadsglowing skin
  • It is best wrinkle remover
  • Mango pulp can be used to get get fairer skin tone
  • Ro mango for clearing acne
  • Improves eyesight
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Improves digestion
  • Prevent cancer

There are some sites which are in the favor that mangoes can reduce acne while other sites are opposite to this thought. Like this there are many rumors and we can’t react to everyone but I would like to say that eating mango with another acne causing foods can trigger acne formation. Mango alone cannot be blamed for causing acne.

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Uses and Benefits of Mango for Type 1 and 2 Diabetics – Diet

mango leavesIf you left diabetes untreated it could be extremely fatal even death isn’t so far. Diabetes is a condition which you can’t ignore or leave it as not important issue. This condition is actually a disorder which cause by excessive amount of blood sugar in your body. It can cause many problems like high blood pressure, damaged blood vessels, high cholesterol and insulin resistance. If you want to control your diabetes you have to control your eating habits of sweet or the food products which contain sugar. You already know there are two types of sugar (diabetes) type 1 and type 2. Both conditions caused by different reasons, it is a serious problem and need to be maintained properly. In type 1 diabetes your body can’t produce required insulin which leads to more craving to eat sugar (glucose). Basically insulin is a hormone and your body needs to get glucose from your blood stream into the cells of your body. With the help of insulin therapy you can easily control diabetes issue. Type 2 diabetes is a disease in which your glucose and sugar level builds up in your bloodstream abnormally. We all know that we usually get energy from sugar that’s why we can’t remove sugar from our body properly. This is the chain reaction and it has many symptoms liketype 2 diabetes
• Constant hunger
• A lack of energy

• Weight loss
• Extra thrust feeling
• Tiredness
• Dry mouth
• Itchy skin
• Blurry vision
You have many ways to control your blood sugar levels like medicines, exercise and mangoes. Yes, it is an effective fruit by which you can control your blood sugar. That’s why today we are going to discuss about mangoes benefits in blood sugar.
You might have known that mango has its own sweetness, but still it has the ability to manage blood sugar. However you have to keep one thing in your mind that you can’t consume fruit (sugar) more than 120 grams. Study shows that one of the best ways to keep your diabetes in control is to use mango leaves. Just take 3-4 mango leaves then set it to boil and drink this water when it cools down at tolerable form. It has the potential to control blood sugar levels in your body. If you want more effective results then you can soak mango leaves in water over night, drink this water early morning with an empty stomach. Mango puts an equal effect on both types of diabetes. Mango has glycemic index. Glycemic index is the numerical system this system knows that how much blood sugar is enough for your body. Basically it can control your blood sugar level.Onion&Garlic Mango is very useful fruit when it comes to fight against diabetes. It can also play an important role in metabolic disorders. Well you should consult your doctors before you take mangoes in your diet. Beside mango and mango leaves there are many other natural treatments exist which can manage diabetes. You can sue bitter melon to decrease the blood sugar levels in your body, garlic and onion is also one of the best ways to keep your blood sugar in control. Study shows that soya bean is highly rich in calcium, Protein and vitamin A so it is also very effective food item to control your diabetes. Another natural homemade ingredient that you can use is soaked almonds. The amazing ingredient is fenugreek if you use fenugreek’s seeds then you can easily manage your blood sugar level.

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Is eating mangoes good for ulcers?

mouth ulcer

mango imageMango is everyone’s favorite fruit which is also known as the king of the fruit because of its demand and taste too. Mango has its own flavor and taste. It contains nutrients and phytochemicals. Mango has the ability to give you numerous health benefits. Apart from mango, its leaves, root, flowers and mango barks can be used to treat in many problems. Mango has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties. Study shows that eating mangoes can protect you from colon cancer and cervical cancer. If you want to lose weight, you can happily eat mangoes and it also has the ability to make normal insulin in your blood.  You can get risk of acidity by taking milk and mango both together. Mango is very effective fruit that can help you managing your face related problems. Mango pulp mask can increase your skin glow and remove blemishes. Here are some benefits of eating mango

  • mouth ulcersPrevents cancer
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Clears your skin
  • Improves eye health
  • Helps in diabetes
  • Manages your digestion
  • Boosts your immune systems

Mango is one of the effective ingredients to heal stomach ulcer. A stomach ulcer is usually caused by bacteria named helicobacter pylori. It takes 6-8 week to heal the symptoms of ulcer after that it’s take one more week to remove infection with the help of antibiotic -plus and anti-suppressing medicines. This usually works to prevent ulcers from coming back. Basically ulcers occur when your digestive system destroys small intestine or inner surface of your stomach. This acid can give you pain and open the sore that may bleed. Your digestive system is coated with the layer of mucous to protect your system from acid attacks but, if the amount of acid is increased then it can cause of ulcers.  If you want fast recovery, you should maintain your diet first. The more you eat healthy diet the more your affected organs can recover fast. Milk, cream, mango, banana, musk melon, fresh vegetables and fruits can help you to recover fast. Mango pulp can reduce acid reflux and help in neutralize acid in your body. It soothes itching apart from that, a mango has antioxidant property that can act as an anti-inflammatory agent for your stomach inflamed lining. Thickness of mango pulp can cover your stomach from acidity and from ulcers. Some other tips for you what to do in ulcers and what not to do.

What to do-

  • Chew your food properlylow fat
  • Always eat your food slowly
  • Sit correctly or stand up for few time when you are eating
  • Eat only low fat foods
  • Do not eat just before you going to bed
  • Always drink water with correct quantity sometimes water can ease your stomach ache.
  • Eat light snacks, always eat bit but regularly to stop the feeling of hungriness.

What not to do-

  • coffee and teaDo not drink coffee or tea because these contain caffeine that can raise you acid effect.
  • Stop drinking alcohol it can increase your acid effect.
  • Stop smoking because it has nicotine and nicotine can directly effect on your ulcer problem.
  • Taking any medicine related to aspirin is strictly restricted. Always consult your doctor before taking any medicine.
  • Avoid eating those dishes which can increase your ulcer pain.  


In this article we give you a short description for ulcer treatment, if you are interested to know some more & useful treatment for ulcer then you can check this home remedy for ulcers.

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Health benefits of Mango juice for babies


mangoesMango is seasonal and a delicious fruit among all age of people whether it was young, old, kids everyone loves mango. Mango not only contains rich taste it also contains so much nutrients. It also has many health benefits like eye sight improvement and it fights with microbial infections. It makes your digestive system better and improves your brain function. You can eat mangoes ripe as well as unripe form. Ripe mango gives us many health benefits but unripe mango can give you relief from sun stroke. Mango is one of the best foods that you can give to your babies. This is low in cholesterol and in fat. So today I am going to tell you some health benefits of eating mangoes for your babies.

  • mango benefitsEyesight- New born baby’s eyesight takes longer time to improve as comparison to adult. The sight efficiency develops during their growth. If you give vitamin A to your babies in between there growth period they can improve fast and can get proper eyesight.
  • Improve digestion-Papaya is not only that kind of fruits which manage digestive system but it can also help to improve digestion system especially in babies. Mango has biochemical compound and enzymes like Easters and terrenes which work to improve digestive systems.
  • Fights with microbial infections – Mango covers your body from microbial infections. Once you affect with this infection, you may get common cold, rhinitis and sinusitis related diseases.
  • Immunity – Children and babies have week immunity as comparison to adults. During this period you need to give your baby mango which is extensively works to improve immune system.
  • Brain development – Brain development is as important as body’s development. Brain power can grow fast by eating mangoes. Mango has vitamin B-6 that is very effective to improve brain function.
  • Protection sun stroke – Unripe mango is one of the best ingredients that can help you in sun stroke and protects you from hot wind. Unripe mango juice can give you relief from dehydration.

When baby can eat mangoes?

baby eating mangoStudy shows that babies can eat mangoes if they are age between 6 to 8 months and that period of time your baby might have already started eating solid foods. You can give your baby mashed up mango pulp but make sure it doesn’t contain fiber. Some mango has fiber in it that makes swallowing difficult. Do not feed unripe mange to your baby unripe mango is not good for babies. Unripe mango has sour taste so it might be possible that baby don’t like its taste.  And you all know that babies have low immune system and poor digestive system so it’s possible that baby can’t digest unripe mango.  Mango is everyone’s favorite fruit but some people have allergy to mangoes.  The allergic reaction is extremely rare and if it occurs it generally doesn’t cause any major harm. If your baby has allergy to mango, you can see red rashes around the mouth and bottom. Allergy effect reside the skin of mango rather than in the pulp. If your family is allergic to mango, you should check once before you are going feed mangoes to your baby. If your baby’s digestive system is not good, feeding mango to your baby can cause diarrhea. I hope I cleared some doubts of your related mangoes. Try mango for your babies overall improvements and you can feed them by giving mango-shake, mango banana pulp and mashed mango etc.